There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of knowing your home looks great. The lawn is the foundation of your home’s aesthetic, so it’s vital to have a beautiful lawn that’s easy to care for.

The following are a few reasons why sod is the best product for your lawn care needs:

1. Sod Installation Saves You Time

Sod is already an established, mature plant. This means after the relatively quick installation process the sod is already settled. Sod ensures that you can use your lawn immediately after installation.

2. Sod Saves You Money

The sturdiness of sod means you can save money on soil preparation and its low maintenance saves you money on fertilizer and months of careful attention.

Sod can also be used to stop soil erosion which is a very costly problem to solve otherwise.

3. Controls Soil Erosion

Because sod is a fully mature plant, it prevents erosion from the moment of installation. Seeds often get washed away or flooded out, doing nothing to stop erosion. Sod, on the other hand, creates a lawn instantly so you won’t have to deal with erosion any more.

4. Good Looking Lawns

Sod looks great because of its consistency and easy maintenance. By using mathematical area principles sod can be applied with precision providing a clean, organized look to your lawn.

5. Reduced use of Herbicides

Alternative methods like planting seed requires excessive use of herbicides to combat the growth of weeds which compete with lawn grass to survive. Sod requires no such precaution, reducing the probability of herbicide runoff potentially helping your local ecosystem.

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