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Options for Shade Tolerant Grass

Most Floridian yards and gardens require shade to compensate for the immense heat of the region. If your yard is shaded, unfortunately, there are several species of grass that cannot survive in such conditions. The good news is that there is a myriad of grasses that...

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Advantages of Sod over Seeds

Is the grass in your lawn starting to look bare or patchy? Are you looking to fix your lawn, or give it a unique look? There are two ways to accomplish this: planting seeds or laying sod. Of these two methods, sod is the better alternative for many reasons. The...

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Tips for Avoiding Grass Discoloration

Mold and Dormancy are the two primary reasons for grass losing its natural color. Dormancy is a period in an organism’s life when metabolic activity is temporarily stopped to help it conserve energy. This typically occurs late in the Fall, Winter, and Summer due to...

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Why Farm Grown Sod is Better

A well-tended lawn increases the overall curb appeal and value of your property. In Florida, where the climate can be harsh, there are many factors determining how your lawn looks. The care you put in is crucial, however your sod supplier is another critical factor...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Sod Your Lawn

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of knowing your home looks great. The lawn is the foundation of your home’s aesthetic, so it’s vital to have a beautiful lawn that’s easy to care for. The following are a few reasons why sod is the best product for your...

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Tips for Maintaining St. Augustine Grass Year Round

St. Augustine grass is the most popular grass type in lawns across Florida due to its ability to grow in most soil types and pH levels. A well-maintained lawn with St Augustine Grass will have an alluring dark green hue necessary for any aesthetically pleasing lawn....

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Repelling Raccoons

Raccoons are very versatile animals that have adapted very well to urban and suburban environments. When raccoons think there are tasty bugs living under your freshly laid sod, they will dig up and deface your lawn. The following are effective ways to prevent raccoons...

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Picking the Right Sod for You

If you’ve decided to use sod for your lawn, it’s important that you find the type that best fits your lawn’s properties. The following is a list of parameters you must consider before selecting your sod: 1. Climatic Conditions The type of weather in your...

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